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Find My Phone With GPS PRO

1.99 usd

In this Pro version not only do you get GPS location if phone is lost or stolen but you also getAltitude
Battery level
Cell tower id which your lost or stolen phone is currently on.
Last call made if your phone is stolen, includes name, number, date, time, and duration of call. Very important for law enforcement to have leads to recovering your phone. Not to mention you would know who they are calling on your phone.
"beep" If you simply lost your phone you can text the word "beep" and your phone will make a tone for 30 seconds. Do not worry if your volume is down because the app sets your volume to maximum before making the tone.
"Flash" can be texted to your phone if it is dark and your LED/notification light will blink.IMPORTANT: for example; if you are texting the key word "findmyphone" it has to be exactly like the examples. If you are using predicted text etc.... some will put a space behind findmyphone which if you don't take the space out by hitting your backspace the app will not active. Remember if you have a task killer/manager do not allow the app to be killed. Once you download the application you must active it by touching the application icon. The first time you active the application on some devices it will send a text to the last person you have texted with your location. So what I recommend is simple text yourself before activation.After that the application is ready to go. If you loose your phone etc... text findmyphone, beep or flash from any phone and that phone will receive the information.
If you want to test the application after activation text yourself with one of the key words.UPDATE NOTE: on some devices you have to delete old version first before updating the new version.
Note: I am working on the speed because on some devices you have to add 15 to get the correct speed in mph.
If you like the application please rate a 5 star.I am always open to suggestions and would like to continue adding additional options just not sure what options you would want, so please let me know.
We take pride in not using any permissions not needed and I don't like adds so that is why the free version does not have any and why this is just a paid version. This app does not collect any information from the user. Made in the U.S.A.Thanks for your support
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